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Replacement Windows

As a proven one stop shop for all your window needs, Mansfield Glass and Windows not only services our own products but all products in our market. This gives us the unique expertise in evaluating your needs and recommending the best application possible to reach your goals.

As a locally owned company we take pride in a hassle free, NO pressure consultation, to educate and evaluate what is best for you and your family. We custom build each window specifically for your home and use only the best materials available backed by a no-nonsense Lifetime Warranty.

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Single Hung

Double Hung




Window Replacement Glass

Double Pane Window Glass

Commonly consists of two panes of glass separated by a spacer material and sealed together at the edges. The Airspace in between the two panes is either Dead Air or an Argon Gas for added insulation. If the house was built in 2002 or newer, then you probably have Low-E (Low Emissivity) Glass which was added to the industry standard in order to make windows more energy efficient. Low-E is a microscopically thin coating on the inside of the outside pane, which reflects UV Infiltration and Solar Heat.

Single Pane Windows

Usually built prior to the Mid-80’s and consists of a single piece of glass is that approximately 1/8” in Thickness. Vinyl beading is either White, Gray or Bronze.

Reasons to Replace

Broken or Cracked Glass and Seal Failure. Seal Failure where the moisture has penetrated the insulated glass unit and it’s now foggy with signs of condensation.

Window Bar Options

We match Bar Size and Color to ensure that it matches the current configuration.

Glass Options

Annealed Glass: Standard glass that can break into jagged shards and can cause significant injury.
Tempered Glass: Is Safety Glass and will break into small pieces. Per City Code – Window that is within 24” of a door, must be Tempered Glass.

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